Forest at the seaside

Having experienced a decline in forest area to a low 3% at the end of the 18th century this development was brought to an end. Today Denmark's forest area covers about 11% and is still increasing. Today the forests are managed as multiple-use forests, timber production still being the main output of the private forests, but also hunting, conservation and recreation increasing in importance. Due to windthrow in spruce plantations and a general decline in the profitability of this species, the species distribution is now changing towards the broad-leaved.

Forest area:
0.62 million hectares = 15%

Annual fellings:
3.2 million m3

The Danish Forest Association

The Danish Forest Association, founded in 1888, is the official organisation representing the interests of forest owners in Denmark. Major working fields are: Forestry related legislation, taxation, forest economics, timber trade, timber marketing, advice to owners and information to the public.. The Danish Forest Association publishes the leading Danish forestry journal « Skoven ».


Head of the Board: Niels Iuel Reventlow

Managing director: Jan Søndergaard 

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Dansk Skovforening

Amalievej 20, 1875 Frederiksberg C.,

Copenhagen, Danmark

Tel number: +45 33 244 266


Forestry in Denmark